The BrainBox

Helping to make a difference

"An easy to use resource that can improve

the emotional and mental well-being of young people”

Removes the stigma associated with discussing sensitive

emotional & mental health issues


By associating the brain with computer components, children, young people & adults are more ready to engage in talking about behavioural issues that have presented as challenges to themselves and others around them.

Deborah Bone MBE, a Mental Health Specialist and Master NLP practitioner recognised the need for a tool that could be used to explain irrational behavioural responses when working with both children & adults.


Good emotional and mental health is vital for a good learning experience. Deborah, together with the help of colleagues from education and health, created this innovative, visual resource. Using the computer as a contemporary metaphor for the brain has encouraged adults & children to gain support from therapists and mental health professionals in a way that removes the perceived stigma of accessing these services.


The BrainBox has won national awards and is used by hundreds of practitioners around the world. It is routinely purchased by NHS CAMHS teams, Schools, Doctors Surgeries, and Drug and Alcohol teams.

1963 - 2014

Disassociates the person from the problem


The BrainBox provides a tool that illustrates the problem without directly criticising the person. The fight-or-flight response demonstrated by the BrainBox is explained as a shared human resource, a natural reaction that sometimes needs to be adjusted or fine tuned. Removing the blame but not the responsibility.



Increases understanding about mental well-being


Seeing how neuro-pathways become disconnected at times of heightened emotional state enables a better understanding of the brain & how to re-engage with the thinking clever part of the brain.



A therapeutic tool


The consequences of using the BrainBox as a therapeutic tool have been found to be very beneficial. Using the guidelines set out in the manual to explain what is happening inside the brain can make all the difference. A small investment in time now can make a difference for a lifetime. The BrainBox is used by Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners, Solution Focused  Therapists, Education Psychologists, Youth Workers, School Nurses, Teachers and Trainers.

“Providing you with an easy to use resource that improves

the emotional and mental well-being of young people”